Job Opportunities


From September to November each year Dobbes Family Estate and Wine by Joe hire around 30 seasonal workers to help us sort, punch, ferment, dig and press some of Oregon’s finest fruit to help us produce stellar wines. Our team is unique each year, just like our vintages! We hire folks from our local area, throughout the US and around the world. One of the great advantages of working harvest at Wine by Joe doesn’t just mean you’ll get a fulfilling understanding of how Oregon wine is made, but also build connections with people of different backgrounds and cultures, even friends for life.

Because we operate with two different cellars, harvest interns will have the opportunity to learn the different operations comparing large production to boutique (small) production. Each cellar has its own methods and personalities, but the theories are the same, and both experiences will bring you invaluable learning opportunities. We also have intern positions available in our laboratory where you’ll learn the chemistries and observations of fermentation.


Eric Wright (2016 intern) 
Salem, Oregon

“Working at Dobbes allowed me to explore many 
winemaking techniques and be able to use many 
instruments with confidence. This experience opened 
my eyes to the wine industry from a bigger picture, 
and most importantly I had a lot of fun making 
great wines with great people!”