Brad Winter

Brad is a man of many loves. Wine may be amongst them, however not the first. Following his freshman year of college Brad discovered metal smithing, and soon was enrolled at the School of Art and Design at East Carolina University. His work has even appeared in several books and magazines. His passion for metal is what led him to Portland, where he managed a jewelry company for seven years. However his move to Oregon also rekindled another love: home brewing. In the spring of 2009 he began taking classes to refine his skills and that summer he quit his job to finish the program with an internship at Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland. A month after that he found his way to a slightly different type of fermentation at Wine by Joe. Brad has now been working in our Lab for six harvests. Beyond his love for metal, beer, and wine, Brad also loves his cats, he loves making pizza, and loved dabbling with instruments including the guitar, ukulele and theremin. And we love having Brad on our team!