Is it too late to announce our New Year resolutions? At Wine by Joe, we don’t think so! In fact, we think our New Year’s resolutions should last well beyond the month of January. We thought sharing our goals with you will hold us accountable and we hope these remind you of your resolutions that you set way back a month ago – remember those?

2017 was a great year for WBJ, but we strive for 2018 to be even better by pushing boundaries and getting out into the unknown. While we are planning for a big year, we also have some exciting news, initiatives, and events to share with all of you. This new year brings a new look to Wine by Joe — Our Pinot Gris and Rosé are now sold in cans that are easy to pack, pop, and sip wherever life takes you. That’s right! Can you dig it?! So cheers to hitting the trails, picnicking on the beach, sitting by a campfire, having game night and discovering places you’ve never been!

On the event side of things, we will be a sponsor for FEAST PDX in Downtown Portland for the 4th year in a row, heading down south for SXSW and Hot Luck in Austin, TX, and we will be pouring for the peeps at Pinot in the City in Chicago, IL and Denver, CO. We are so stoked to share our love for Oregon wine at these events across the US, and we hope you’ll follow us wherever we go.

To-Do lists are great for organization, but it’s time to check things off and make it actually happen. Here at Wine by Joe, we’re action focused and we’re making moves in 2018, so keep up and be sure to pay attention. That’s why you’ll catch us starting new green initiatives, attending events, and continuously making really good wine. Duh. Our new strategy was sparked by a company-wide survey we did last year. We got REAL with our employees; we wanted to hear the good and the bad. We took a hard look in the mirror at the things we needed to work on and celebrated what we are doing right. As a result, we’ve started a Wellness Team who are dedicated to improving our winery, including establishing sustainability measures, creating culture, health and community. Check back in to see what we’re up to.

Getting fit tends to be a popular resolution that can fizzle out quickly, but we have groundbreaking news for you: it doesn’t have to be hard! We are implementing simple, healthy habits in the workplace, then we can go home and have a glass of wine. Finally! A resolution that we can stick with!  We’ve been throwing around ideas in our Wellness Team meetings; things like Spring Salad Friday’s and brewing our own Kombucha — maybe even growing a salsa and salad garden or having a frozen yogurt party. Like we’ve said, this is all new for us and we’re seeing what works for our team, but at least we’re sticking with our resolutions #1 & #2 by “trying new things” and “making it happen”. Stay tuned!

Pretty self-explanatory. We’re turning those frowns upside down.

2018 has a lot in store for our team. We are pumped to be getting real and we hope you’ll join us along the way. Keep up with WBJ and Joe To Go on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and this blog to stay in the know.

Cheers to a real, happy, and healthy 2018 from your WBJ team.

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